Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wallace Falls

Standing over the North Fork of the Wallace River. Caleb, Brian, me, Gramma.

This past week we enjoyed our first hike and camping trip with Baby Caleb. It's been a couple years since we have camped, and I forgot how relaxing it is. After the initial flurry of digging out gear, (over)packing (sorry, Babe!) and setting up camp, you just sit. In a world where there is not only constant activity, but also constant surface-y connections with people -- ie. Facebook, texting, email, etc. -- it takes me a while to settle into the stillness. It takes my mind and body a couple of hours to stop lurching around looking for something I have to do, but then, oh the bliss of nothing! There is nothing more soothing than the crackle of a campfire. The flicking flames and glowing embers draw the tension out of my body: it goes up with the smoke. I don't feel guilty about staring off for hours, accomplishing nothing.

Not that I felt obligated to take anything away from our trip, but I did walk away with a renewed sense of the importance of stillness in my life. Without trying to make a big Thing out of it -- I am so good at making Things out of things -- I am trying to make little choices that invite quiet into my life. Like this moment I am snatching away to write about it. 

Brian builds the  most beautiful fires I have ever seen. Truly, they are works of art.
The beautiful Wallace River.

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